At Ohm Payroll Services we are committed in providing the best payroll service in an efficient, affordable and timely manner.


Here is what our Customers have to say about us.....

"I see you are constantly looking for new ways & methods to improvise & improve OHM Payroll services. I am very happy with your personal payroll services offered with all the knowledge & help in reference to setting up both of my businesses. You were different than others in a way that I received complete attention & fast responses for the questions I had about my business. You were also efficient & timely in handling all the paperwork & tax payments.

I highly recommend your services to all the business looking for personal payroll services. Keep up the good work & constant improvements."

  Dr. Sanjay  C. Jagani
"I like their timely & accurate work where I do not have to worry about any late filings. Their work is impeccable. Also I prefer to deal with an owner rather than a call center which saves me time, that being a big plus point about OHM payroll".
Dushyant Makadia
A & A Control System Consulting
" I have been using OHM payroll services from the day I started my business. They came highly recommended from a friend who was using their services. It is one of the best decisions I have made regarding outsourcing payroll. Keep up the good work"
Dr. Manish Ladani

" I like your serivce, payroll reporting, quick response and price is also reasonable. I get the personal one on one talk with someone we can trust which i think is very important in this industry also we feel secure that our information is not going anywhere. I think this is the best place for our business."

                                                                                                                                                                                  Vijay Padodara

"I am using OHM Payroll Services for my 4 Subways from many years. Their payrolls are always accurate, fees are affordable and they have excellent customer service . They are always available for my questions or concerns. 100% recommended."
                    Nimish Godhani
I like your services because: "The process of payroll entry is quick and convenient via the spreadsheet. I can make changes within reasonabletime,without having to wait for the next payroll period. The reports are emailed to me right after the payroll is processed."
Nilesh Patel